Sunshine’s interest in nutrition began early in her fight career.  Having a combination Mesomorph/Endomorph body type, she found it easy to gain weight.  Muscle if she ate correctly and strength trained, and fat if she ate poorly.  She began to realize early on the importance of proper nutrition, not only for health, but for optimum performance in training and in her fights.

She began researching the topics of sports nutrition and supplementation out of both interest and necessity. As she progressed into the professional ranks of Muay Thai and Boxing, it became increasingly important that she be able to make weight, and also perform well at that weight.  She had come to dread “diets” and looked for ways to make healthy foods taste good. This interest has stayed with her as she went on to earn an A.A.S in Culinary Arts from Scottsdale Community College, and extensive Nutrition coursework leading to a B.S. in Nutrition from Arizona State University.

Armed with extensive research, her own trial and error, and nutrition coursework, Sunshine is able to tailor sound nutritional plans for her clients.  She preaches long term solutions and lifestyle changes that clients can live with and sustain throughout their lives.

Special Considerations for Combat Athletes

Sunshine realizes the occasional need fighters face with being able to ‘make weight’ in a relatively short period of time.  Through much trial and error in the many professional and amateur competitions throughout Sunshine’s career, she had ‘making weight’ down to a science.  She understands the delicate balance required in losing the weight and recovering in the period between the weigh-in and fight time.  A fighter’s performance can be greatly affected by nutrition and having sound knowledge and experience on your side can make the difference between winning and losing.

Whatever your fitness goals, Sunshine understands the differences in body types, metabolism and individual needs and desires, and will customize a fitness and nutritional plan just for you!

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